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7 Ways to Stop a Dog From Peeing in the House

There are two reasons why a dog may urinate in your house , the first is simply the dog urine to relieve the second the dog marks his territory at home. To identify the difference between the two is fairly easy when the dog marks his territory , it is usual that you pee on vertical objects like door frames, furniture and walls. When a dog urine to empty your bladder , it is customary to leave a large puddle on flat surfaces such as the ground.

Here are some things you can do to try to stop your dog urinating in the house :

If the dog sleeps in the house trying to give early evening drink and water before going to bed take the dog outside to urinate. Do not limit drinking too much , because you do not want to dehydrate your dog.

A dog that feels a sense of insecurity in the family may urinate more often if it helps to show more affection and attention to this dog .

Dogs are instinctively territorial , especially the males of sterilization can solve the problem , but it is not 100 % guaranteed . If the habit of urinating in the house is deeply rooted in the dog , then the sterilization probably will not work . Note that sterilization is permanent , so breeding will not be possible later.

House training your dog as young as possible . Teach your dog to pee outside before it develops the habit of urinating on the inside. Start by limiting their access to the house , but at the same time, allowing easy access to get outside as much as possible access. Close all doors as you can and keep a close eye dog. If the dog starts to smell the same spot on the floor and starts around the same place , is a sign that you are about to make . Like his leg is lifted to urinate, will distract sudden loud noise to get his attention on you then " NO" command him. What is very important to remember is not to yell or hit the dog as this will break his confidence that he can take the dog to start tagging more regular . Keep an eye on the dog and maintain order "NO" until the habit is broken. It may take a few days to a few weeks to stop dog peeing in your house.

What works well is to clean any fresh urine as soon as possible. Do not use cleaning products that contain ammonia. If the dog smell ammonia , you may think it strange smell another dog and then check with your own scent on it . What works well is to mix equal parts vinegar and water and use it to wipe the urine. The vinegar breaks the smell very well.

Urine can also clean with a cloth. Take the cloth in the urine to the outside and dry on an object like a tree. This should encourage the dog to mark distance more often.

If the dog never use to pee in the house before, so rather take her to the vet because it may have a urinary tract infection .

As you can see , there are many things you can try to stop this horrible habit , so good luck !

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